Our Process

RJ Custom Builders recommends interviewing at least 2 or 3 builders for your project. No matter what the size of the project is, be sure to ask as many questions as possible. You will be relying on that certain contractor to do the right job so you must feel comfortable with the relationship you have with that company. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. Some of these might include: Do we get a written estimate, do we see the contractors invoices, do we receive job cost reports, can we have a list of referrals . Be sure to get a signed contract.
RJ Custom Builders is pleased to provide a comprehensive and detailed line-item cost proposal prior to the start of any job. It includes allowances for each finished items such as cabinets, counter tops, tile, plumbing fixtures and all aspects of the build. It is our responsibility, as your project manager, to uphold updates and meetings to keep your design and budget on track. We pride ourselves on working within your overall budget and time frame and will assist you in your decision making process to keep your costs in line.
During our post construction phase, we will complete a final walk-through when the project is completed. RJ Custom Builders provides a one-year builder’s warranty, as well as, all manufacture warranties.
Location, location, location. Sometimes that means finding the best place on your lot to build! We will navigate your soil and erosion testing, walk the lot with you, help choose the best building site for optimal views and placement on the site, manage hauling in fill (or excavating) all while working with the beauty of your building site to save mature trees and prevent erosion issues.
Home plan developing is a balance of the owners dreams, their budget, size of the home and the lot of which it will be built. The architect, builder and homeowner should work closely together to ensure that the plan includes all of these aspects. Once the preliminary plans are complete, RJ Custom Builders will provide a written estimate based upon the plans and discussions with the homeowner on what they expect to see in the project. This will be an asset towards reaching the final plans.
RJ Custom Builders will provide a detailed estimate based upon the plans and ideas presented by the homeowner. The estimate will be a detailed spreadsheet with every aspect of construction. RJ Custom Builders will provide a detailed contract with the estimated pricing attached, as well as specifications, warranties and insurances.
The length of time that the construction of the project takes depends upon several variables. Some of these include the size and detail of the project, the length of time to obtain the proper permits, the weather and the ability of the homeowner and designer to make timely decisions in the selection process. Typically in a new custom home, the construction process can take anywhere from 9 months to 12 months. However, a larger more detailed home could take up to 18 months.
RJ Custom Builders has a talented team of architects and home designers that they are proud to work with. The homeowner is welcome to interview any of these companies to see if they would like to use them on their project. RJ Custom Builders is also very flexible in using anybody that the homeowner would like to bring to the project.
RJ Custom Builders strives to bring only highly qualified craftsmen to each job site. We have built a relationship with each contractor through the years so you can feel comfortable in knowing that everybody working on your project knows the level of workmanship and integrity we demand.